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Indulge me for a brief moment before I introduce you to this issues Artist Profile. Believe me, it has a lot to do with my feelings on her work. Call it something we possibly have in common. So what is that, you might be asking yourself? Possibly, it's that we've both taken a trip down the Rabbit Hole. See, I've never met Shawnna, we haven't yet had that sit down so she can tell me her story, share a bio of what makes her who she is or maybe who she is now. I know my story. 17 years ago, with a promising career as a photographer, I was climbing the ladder of success side by side with a handful now famous artist, it was then that I lost full sight in my right eye. Full rupture into my macula. I'm told the normal process is that it ruptures once then heals over with only a slight damage to your sight. Mine ruptured three times. Went to bed with vision, woke up with 2%, sat in the shower, losing it, trying to rub my sight back. Never fully came back. I went through a few procedures that helped me acquire about 85% vision. Vision, lol! Ok, take a pair of glasses and swipe a little bit of vaseline on one lense. That's what I see everyday. Combined with my good eye I have what is considered eyesight. The upside? I see Hues of color you don't. The downside? My career was on hold for 7 years. Longer story to explain why. Just know it threw my life into a tailspin. I lost what I felt was my way of communicating. I lost my art.

So what does this have to do with Shawnna Jones, and the Rabbit Hole I mentioned? Because I feel, and I could be wrong, that we both had life altering events that tore our life apart, and threw us down the Rabbit Hole. The difference? I've fought for 17 years to get out, where she embraced it and created beautiful work around it. Again, I don't know that this is true. Shawnna contacted me and told me she couldn't come up with a bio. It's hard at times to share and talk about yourself. So I told her let me do it for her. This isn't a bio friends. It's my reflection to you, what I see and feel, when I see her work. What enticed me to want her to be part of this site.

So I give you, Photographic Artist, Shawnna Jones..........

I came upon Shawnna's work almost a year ago. Said this many times, I'm an art whore. Everyone knows it. I don't just like making it, I also like cruising around Facebook and other sites looking at what other artist have created. Upon finding an image she had put up, I shot past it at first and thought, wait what? Went back and took it in. If memory serves it was a child with a mask on. Photoshop heavy, with grain, color saturated, tonal distortion, etc...I had a mix of emotions. First, I saw a child with a mask, cute, and then that changed to something darker. Picture American Horror Story, yet now toss that out and see it as something deeper. I was captivated by it. Sucked me in. I had to know more about the artist who created it. Friended her and simply went through her work. What hit me is that every image she has created she tells a story, be it simple or something that makes you think. Then you realize she has this huge team of friends, family, and other artist who part of her work. I've never seen so much support, be it an adult or a child who, they all are part of the work she creates, and you can tell they love doing it. It's as though they all draw you into this wonderful world of their traveling circus and I don't mean this in a bad way. This beautiful nest of people with Shawnna as it's core have helped her create this amazing body of work.

So here's the Rabbit Hole,....In looking through the portfolio of images she sent me, you get a mix of dress up fun, funny one minute then the next it might turn dark, deadly creepy, scarey, concerning, sexual, blatant horror, then a little humor thrown in. I feel like I am looking in another world, Alice at the edge of hell and back. I'm clicking through image after image, going from this is cool and badass then I feeling of sadness might hit. They literally invite you into this wonderful creepy world of theirs. Shawnna pushes Photoshop or whatever editing program she uses, which is something I love and I can relate to. The colors are saturated and extreme, grain is enhanced, then maybe blurred, black and white mixed with color, tonal, etc. I love it all. And her use of warped perspective is something I'm jealous of. And to sum this all up....her post on Facebook crack me up, make me smile, and add to my day. You would think that the person behind all this imagery would be a serious, brooding artist, but she isn't like this at all. This woman is full of life everyday, least that I can see. I don't know Shawnna. I don't know her life story or why she does what she does. This isn't a bio. I do know I am a fan of her work and you should be as well. Enter her world, and enjoy. Take a trip down the Rabbit Hole!

K R Tracy

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