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What is a magazine that highlights art and artist, if it doesn't have a section about music? I've taken SESSIONS at baby steps, testing the waters. In the case of music profiles, I wanted artist who I knew took their art seriously, and in Justin Marlowes case, I belive he goes beyond taking it seriously. He lives it. I didn't just find a musician and stick his work on SESSIONS. I sat down and listened to every song he provided me, through his site link. Honestly enjoyed every track. Starr Blazerz, comprised of Justin Marlow and Glen Reynolds, are a very talented duo that I feel will have a solid future in the music business. I've provided a link to their music as well as a way to contact Justin. As well as a few promo pics that Justin shot with photographer, EA Lee. I think SoundControl was a great way to begin our Music Profile on SESSIONS Online Magazine.
Justin Marlowe is a record producer out of Virginia that goes by the production name SoundControl. He has collaborated with up and coming indie acts like Nejati, Makia Fly, D.King, and notable hip hop veteran, Push T. He is the producer and co/founder of the alternative pop act, Starr Blazerz, with singer/songwriter, Glen Reynolds. As a part of Starr Blazerz, they released the 2016 LP, "Reconstruction," and have recently completed their follow up LP entitled, "Undeniable Truth." One very consistent element to the visual aesthetics of the Starr Blazerz album art is the symbol of the gas mask. The mask is a reflection of the vibe and feel of the music as a whole. Fleeting, dangerous, and risky with edge. Reynolds' writing style is ripe with depth and emotionally metaphorical concepts while SoundControl's production is organic, synthetic, and very idiosyncratic. Currently they are seeking a home/label for the album to be distributed under as well as seeking out opportunities for song placements and syncs with all available media outlets. In addition, any inquires with regards to management, publishing, and collaborations are welcome. Their first release from the album is a spaced out trap/pop record entitled, "The Climb." It features a hip hop verse from Chicago native and up and comer, Makia, who collaborates with Justin frequently on projects of his own. As a part of Starr Blazerz and with independent production, Justin aka SoundControl hopes to be making waves as a producer/songwriter in the entertainment industry quite soon. Included is a link where you can check out the first release from the Starr Blazerz LP, "Undeniable Truth," entitled, "The Climb." Also included is a link to a wide array of my production work with various indie artists, including Starr Blazerz.