For a limited time, I'm offering to companies and individuals, a Special Offer in the advertising of their company, studio, or product. Do you design? Then contact me. Do you own a boutique? Then contact me. Issue #4 will be a mix of creative imagery, one of which will be Fashion. I'm willing to offer a package that will cover two issues of SESSIONS Online Mag. I can even provide photographic services to help with your ad. Jump at this while you can. Since issue one, SESSIONS has begun to grow a fan base and not just in Kansas City. We cover a 5 state area.

Reach out. Contact me. Provide me information about what you need to advertise and we can share with you our special and or create a package for you.

Additionally, we would love to shoot a series based around teh fashion an artist sells or a compay produces. Send us your product and we will make it come to life.