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I find it extremely interesting to watch a Special Effects Makeup Artist work. To think that by adding latex, modeling clay or Morticians puddy that you can make a model change the way they look, is astounding to me. So, when my 14 year old daughter got into the art and wanted to delve as deep as she could into it, I was extremely encourging. I seriously feel it is an art. You are creating an illusion using makeup and prosthetics. That's an art.
Given that she is now 22, she hasn't stopped with her desire to do Special Effects Makeup. 90% of what she uses for makeup are created using regular household items. Throughout her life our living budget was always tight. So between using books, tv programs she watched, Youtube and Google, she concocted formulas for creating flesh, blood, open wounds and aged skin. Throw in makeup skills and you have yourself a special effects kit. We've done this since 2010. Her skills just keep getting better and more extreme. This year she finally broke down and used liquid latex. Next I imagine she will create her own prosthetics. The following are images from two of our Halloween shoots plus images we shot over the years with her makeup that went with it.