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Having worked with me for over two years now, Summer May has been one of the best Muse that I've ever had. From the first, her enthusiasm at challenging herself on every shoot, is what has made our final images what it is, as well as a kickass team. Having no prior modeling experience when she and I decided to work together, other then one or two local photographers, Summer built her popularity and portfolio into something that should be envied by other models. Her range of work, in just two years is vast. In preparing this pictorial, I found that I hadn't really taken into account the collection of work we had built around her. The following pictorial, SESSIONS Online Magazines first, is a seductive and sensual foray into just some of the imagery we have shot of her. To date, my favorite projects, when working with her, are the old houses we've ventured into, as well as the haunted Infirmary which we have yet to work in. Abandoned places seem to be our weak point, an artistic enticement. Call her an, Ink Girl, Biker Chick, Alternative Model, etc...Summer May has covered a wide range and we've had fun exploring every side of her. Enjoy her pictorial and follow the links to her modeling page. Be a fan as much as I am.