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1. How many years modeling?
2. What type of modeling do you like to do? Your preference
Mostly boudoir
3. Who got you into modeling?
My best friend
4. What are some of you favorite images you done?
It really depends on the shoot and photographer ( also being a photographer I'd have to say there's too many to just pick one!!)
5. Do you research the type of modeling you want to do?
Yes. Both as a model and photographer I need to know any basic info as much as possible or even more if I can find it. I always ask (when I'm modeling) if the photographer is one that is professional or how they make their models feel during the shoots. As the photographer, I try to show the model the general idea of what I would like to do and establish what they are and are not comfortable with
6. Do you feel there is an age that a model should retire? Nope! If you can rock it then I say go for it!What age?

7. Your feeling on posing nude? I've never modeled nude, if done tastefully then by all means go for it but I'm not too partial as to doing it myself.
8. Outside the area you live in, what photographers do you enjoy following? Any. I love to see ( as a photographer ) what other photographers can do. It's a great way to teach yourself new things to try.
9. In your mind does the Social Network help your modeling or do you feel it eventually type cast some as Social Network models and nothing more? It all depends on the model to me. When I model, I feel like the social network expands each shoot. It breaks me out of my " shell" per say.  As the photographer it makes me be more social and helps me meet new people. I shoot models with the hope of helping the model raise her confidence by showing her that she really is beautiful no matter what anyone says.
10. The "New" type of model is the, Selfie Model, where their entire portfolio is made up of selfies, they work w no photogs. Your feeling on this.....honestly , I've been trying to plan my own " selfie shoot" but I honestly feel like if they don't really work with a real photographer then it's just another female thinking she's all that and a bag of chips. You don't just stand and look pretty, it takes a great amount of effort not only by the photographer but the model as well to make the shots work.
11. Is modeling something you do as fun or would you like a career in it? I would love for it to be a career!
12. Your interest outside of modeling? Photography& craft stuff and cleaning! I'm not a very social person so anything I can do with my headphones keeps me happy.
13. Model Agency verses Freelance

14. Many models make the jump from modeling to photog. Do you feel this gives you an advantage?
Oh yes!! It makes it easier to do both.
15. Number one site you use to display your work? Facebook
16. Does it bother you that some Social Network Models are plagued with stalkers?
Not really
17. How do you deal with stalkers?
I don't have any at the moment but I'd prob just ignore them as much as possible
18. Your feeling on being paid for your modeling?
I think it's nice but not a requirement for me
19. A certain sect of photographers stand by their not paying models, that trading for images is payment enough, your feelings on this?
It's up to the model to decide on who they want to shoot with so if they don't care about being paid then go for it.
20. Your feelings in general on modeling? Example- many models over the years have expressed that the very act of modeling gave them something more emotionally. Be it sexual, self esteem or a liberating freedom.
I love it. It helps my self esteem and I love to show woman how beautiful they really are when I'm photographing them. It's more of an emotional thing for me, as well as when I'm shooting I can see how I can help women react to how they see themselves when you can actually give them a confidence boost even if it's just a little bit. I love modeling as I can get sexy and know that I'm not being pushed past what I'm comfortable with and I can see how I really look.