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1. How many years in modeling? TB: Going on 12

2. What type of modeling do you like to do? TB: I don't necessarily have a favorite genre.
I love it all.

3. Who got you into modeling? TB: My Mom

4. What are some of your favorite images you've done? TB: The pin ups on SESSIONS page and some of the athletic images with black paint and body oil. 

5. Do you research the type of modeling you want to do? TB: Not really, I may look up new poses if I feel I need to add to my arsenal.   

6. Do you feel there is an age that a model should retire? TB: NO, absolutley not. If it makes you feel good then keep it up. Many of us look younger than we are anyway.

7. Your feeling on posing nude? TB: I'm not necessarily into posing nude, but I do like the art factor in it.

8. Outside the area you live in, what photographers do you enjoy following? TB: Human.Edge and GBFotography
stand out to me most.

9. In your mind does the Social Network help your modelding or do you feel  it eventually type cast some as Social Network models and nothing more? TB: It has. It's helped with connecting to so many others in the industry. However, I do think there are the "network" models. As a model you have to push to be more.

10. The "New" type of model is the Selfie Model, where their entire portfolio is made up of selfies, they work with no photographers. Your feeling on this? TB: I don't think they should technically term themselves as models. Modeling isn't just about taking cute/sexy photos. It's an art form, it's acting. Selfie Models just take away from what modeling really is.

11. Is modeling something you do as fun or would you like a career in it?
TB: I would love to go big in modeling and have a great career in it. I believe I have gotten pretty far with the so called "limitations" I have.
12. Your interest outside of modeling? TB: I have a huge passion for animals and their care. Also love music of many genres.

13. Model Agency verses Freelance? TB: Freelance is good if yoy want to and are good at making your own connections and getting your own jobs. You can be your own boss and keep 100% of the profit. However agencies are good for doing all of the side work if you are not into it.

14. Many models make the jump from modeling to photographer. Do you feel this gives you, as a model, an advantage? TB: It does and doesn't. It helps with posing your model and getting the looks you would like, but at the same time every model is different and the images may not turn out the way you would like if the model doesnt have a specific look, body type, or is uncomfortable.

15. Number one site you use to display your work? TB: Facebook mostly

16. Does it bother you that some Social Network Models are plagued with stalkers? TB: I wouldn't say it bothers me, but is annoying. It's nice to have fans. There is a line that shouldn't be crossed though.

17. How do you deal w stalkers? TB: If it's a Social Media thing, I can always block them from viewing anything of mine. Otherwise I will go to the police if I feel threatened.

18. Your feeling on being paid for your modeling? TB: It makes you feel accomplished and like the photographer, designer, or studio owner loves your work enough to feel it deserves reward.

19. A certain sect of photographers stand by their not paying models, that trading for images is payment enough, your feelings on this? TB: It's always different. If I have not shot with someone before and I feel I really need to know more about them. I may do it for the photos. However, some genres require compensation.

20. Your feelings in general on modeling? TB: Modeling just makes me feel good. It's a release. I feel it ups the seretonin. I hate taking photos on a normal day, but the aspect of a photo shoot and being a model/muse is awesome. When I'm at a shoot my worries are gone, I feel great, I'm happy, and there's nothing I have to "deal" with. So I guess it make me feel free.

Tesssia is a vet tech/assistant and will be continuing her education to become a veterinarian. Support the ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) and take pride in helping and caring for animals. Tessia is going into her 12th year of modeling and is about to break into acting. She's been cast for 3 TV roles and hopes to begin shooting soon. Very out spoken and gives 100% anytime she is shooting or working with someone.