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A full selection of past issues from the very first release to our last.


A collective of highlighted artist whose work deserves to be recognized and showcased

Tear Sheet Gallery is for new and returning artist who have a body of work that deserves to be seen and enjoyed.

Nudity has been an element of my photography artwork since I began this journey back in 1998. In fact, it has been an element of my artistic vision since about the 4th grade. Initially, it was included because I appreciated the female figure and wanted to use that beauty that I found, highlighted by light and shadow and shared with the world. If you look at my earlier works they are all black and white and search for and explore the different angles and curves of the female figure. Whether these images were shot in the studio with strobes, candles or natural light, or amongst the environments harsh elements it was an exploration that taught me composition, tone control, presentation, posing, lighting, the rules of photography, how to break those rules, and a greater appreciation of the female figure. That was all to be expected though. What wasn’t expected was how much I learned about the human condition and women, specifically their relation to their body, their past: traumas, experiences with other photographers, goals, successes, failures and childhood, their aspirations, concerns, insecurities and relationships and most of all how to be a better friend to each of them.

I believe that part of why I have been honored to develop these connections with each of the women I have worked with over the last 20 years has been multifaceted. Some have become my friends, some shot with me once and stopped communicating with me after they got their images, others I lost contact with to the world, and I wonder about them often, however, in all cases, it affected them and me alike. Then somewhere........

Don't be shy!! While working on this issue I have been thrown many questions about who I am. So here is an answer to all your questions.

Illusion Gallery is back and we have a few artist and photogtaphers who have some great work to show. Also we have taken four artist and added them to our HIGHLIGHTED ARTIST. It's a free for all and this is probably my favorite SESSIONS gallery.

I've said this many times before the Illusion Gallery is my favorite SESSIONS gallery. But for this issue I've four artist who I feel need to be called out and their work highlighted. Be it, the energy they put into their images, the creativity, drive or simply I see an up and coming artist who is going to take the world by storm, these artist meet that. It can be a model turned photographer, a photographer just starting out who kills it with landscapes, a gifted artist whose street work with models blows my mind, or an artist who uses her phone and apps to create mind blowing art. These are artist who stand out and need to be highlighted in Illusion Gallery.

The 2121 Gallery is a new Instagram account that represents SESSIONS, as well as Coverart created and images liked by other artist. Please follow on IG so you can keep up with SESSIONS.