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Welcome to the illusion. To me, that's what the art of photography is all about, and with Photoshop, that illusion is made quite easy. This year for The Halloween Project, I decided to include past years banners with the new work I created for this year. I get my ideas from vintage horror and very little of it from modern. I grew up seeing horror movie posters from the early 1930's to the present. Most of what I do is theater, satire, low level creepy concept shots. I'm not looking to turn your stomach or even give you nightmares. I am hoping that you at least take a step back and say, "hey that's pretty cool". This is my haunted house, my scarey movie, my guided tour through what I find creepy. I've also included an image or two of a real haunted location. Please enjoy and if you like what you see, enjoy the show, then reach, message and let me know. Happy Halloween!