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   In converting SESSIONS Online Magazine to a quarterly publication, we found that it gave us all time to reflect on what direction we wanted to take. Be it the design, the work we presented or even to continue doing it. I will gladly admit there is plenty of talk around the table with a beer or two discussing it's future. In the end the decision rested on my shoulders. Are we having fun with it? Yes! I can honestly say that in bringing each issue together we all get a sense of excitement. Are any of us pro publishers or editors? No! All of us are artist, photographers, freelance writers or simly interested parties. So what you are getting is a collective of creative people having fun. As I said, my choice to see it go on or die an ugly death? I choose to go on. Least wise through the year. I owe all of us at least that challenge. 
  This issue is fully on white. If you are a music fan, know anything about the Beatles, know your albums especially those if the 60's then you know the White Album. This is our tribute to it. Our creative minds decided that this issue shall be as close to an actual magazine as humanly possible given that it's online. This wasn't any easy feat to take on. Graphics had to be changed, work altered, completely new pages created instead of simply updated. But it was worth it. I love the look. Can't say that I plan on keeping this way but for this issue it was a fun change. 
The work featured is based around Portraiture, general or alternative. Photos could be new or from a portfolio. Not sure I like having themed issues but in this case it worked out well.

Enjoy Issue 11

K R Tracy


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