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Welcome to the 3rd Halloween Project Takeover of SESSIONS Online Magazine. This is the 12th issue of the magazine and it's huge. 25 artist in total. We've never reached that amount of interested creative people. It's a great vibe. I warm to the appreciation that everone has shown in my including their work in this issue. Mind blowing is all I can say. While it is Halloween and we usually pattern the magazine to that theme, this time around I opened it up to whatever artist wanted to share. The levels of talent is amazing. The surprising item that developed as we constructed the site and touched base with interested contributors was the use of cellphones. GIven that most smartphones these days front a damn good camera, as well as kickass editing apps, you end up with impressive images. Throw in talent and well, you have yourself gallery worthy art. I'll be honest, I made a list of artist on Instagram that I wanted in this issue and I barely scratched the surface. Of course we also have our photographers who front pro cameras and yield imagery that never disappoints. This issue honestly has it all. I began the outline one month before the release date and even by doing that, I wasn't sure I would get it all finished. But we did and here we are. We made it and the magazine rocks!! Please take the time to explore SESSIONS fully, there's a lot to see.

Before we go too far, I want to explain the setup for the Halloween issue. Some pages will go full out horizontal and others will go vertical which is the traditional way a web page works. But honestly, that's just too boring for us. I've found that part of my art in putting this magazine together is that I love to mess with the viewer. I think we successfully did this. For pages that are horizontal there will be a notice to swipe.

Artist Bio's,...I'll cover this more in Editors Forum. But for this issue a few were given an Artist Bio Questionnaire to answer. For a few it made it a little easier to talk about themselves. What made it intriquing is how much we all have in common, as in our roots and how we create.

That's the wecolme for this issue. I want to thank everyone who participated and made this an issue ro remember.