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So, the year end issue has always been a very relaxed recap of the past years issues. I literally assemble links to past articles and galleries and then we call it good, and post the mag. The design usually takes less then a week. I will admit that the issue is a little more detailed with the addition of the Tribute to Victoria and the Cellphone Gallery, but still that wouldn't usually have taken me as long as it has. The answer? Well it's been a multiple of small issues that became big ones. First I lost one my main computers that housed all my storage files. True I had stored all this on an external hard drive, but sadly I had to reconstruct a few things I had designed. So this took time, I had to start all over. Then I had to refind all the cellphone images sent to me. Again more time. This put us back a week. Then a few days ago, on Thursday night, I was finishing up the last bits and pieces of the site when the whole computer locked up and all I had done for 4 hours, was lost. Once again I had to re-do all I had done. If my life is one big curse then it was at an all time peak for the last few weeks. I literally had to fight up hell. In writing this I have fingers and toes crossed that this happens as planned. The issue is minutes from going out. I have to say that it's been an odd fight. With the tribute and the changes announced I'm thinking that we have bad mojo going on. LOL! A fitting end to the 2017 season. Thsi is what we have guys. I have eliminated some parts that I could not reproduce due to it just taking way too much time. At least two articles were dropped. They will be in future issues. SESSIONS will be stronger for 2018 and with the changes we make, the magazine will go above and beyond what I have ever envisioned it to be. See you all in February!