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Originally my plan was to push through with a fourth issue of SESSIONS Online Magazine before the end of the year. But in the planning stage what I had on paper didn't fit with the time that I had to work with. So it was better to stop all that I was doing and take the rest of the year off. It was well deserved. I've found that while I love being an artist, and can do it in my sleep. Being both a publisher and editor of a magazine, is much harder then i thought it would be. Throw into all that, this year has been not what I would call my best year. Personal drama, as well as a huge eye opener as to who is in my corner to help and who is not. You tend to find those that take you serious and those who see you as a joke. The joke is on them because I have every intention of seeing SESSIONS into 2017 and expanding into it even more then I did in 2016.

The Year End Collective is a throw out. A look at the models I shot for SESSIONS, and the concept idea around it. 10 models. My first time with working with all of them. At least one or two of them, was their first time modeling. Each did above and beyond what I asked of them. I enjoyed the chemistry that I had with each one.

Model: Manda Cheek ©2016

It's always interesting to see who reads beyond the pictures or even the intro paragraph to an article in a magazine. It's that ultimate gauage on if you are wasting your timeor if in reality everyone's curiosity is peaked. I'm sure if this was porn then I would have all eyes glued to this page right down to the end. If you are in deed reading this and enjoy the work I produce as well as the models I highlight, then there is important news to be shared at the end of this article. Yes, yes.....skim if you would rather do it that way. For 2016, the 10 models shown above helped to push SESSIONS Online Magazine farther then I could have hoped to imagine. All of them worked hard to help this project become more just a simple photo series. When they all heard that it was to become an online magazine, they pushed harder to show readers what they were worth. This was a dream team of models that have become very good friends. 3 of the models, Ashley Paul, John Perry and Victoria Dee, had never modeled before. You would never have known this. They surprised me by their natural talents. Ashley Paul is a model who can rock any shoot with her beauty. Intense eyes, and sexuality to fit with it. Her boyfriend, John Perry , while being very supportive of her modeling, surprised us by also being a natural model himself. Victoria Dee , has wanted to work with me for quite awhile but we could never make it work. Finally as I was working on the Halloween Take Over, we made it happen. While she seemed nervous at first, she opened up and did a fantastic job. Shes also a natural, as well as very pretty. Plans are set to work with each other again in 2017.

The other 7 have all done their share of modeling in and around Kansas City. Manda Cheek has been a model with me since 2010. Her talents as a model are growing stronger each time we work together. I feel bad. Each time I shoot her I am either covering her in cereal, a gasmask, or having her hold smoke bombs. Summer May has worked exclusively with me since 2014. Her portfoilio is huge, as well as her fan base. She also is the very first model I shot for my SESSIONS series. Our chemistry is real and we usually push to the extreme when working together. Then there are the models, who I will have to admit that I stalked for awhile before asking them to model. Tessia Bowen is a popular model in Kansas City having worked with a variety of photographers, with a solid portfolio. In working with her I wanted to take her in a direction that I hadn't with any of the other models. She even did her research, viewing issue of Rolling Stone online and came up with the bed shot. Summer May did a little model hunting herself and found us, Candy Lette . While not new to modeling, she was new to the concept of SESSIONS. Candy did so well that we have worked with each other an additional time, plus we have plans for 2017. Tabby Gifford is a model turned photographer, who still models. That might twist your mind to set straight, but she is the real deal. An excellent model who is also great as a photographer. It's always fun to work with a model who has worked with both sides of the camera. She knew exactly what I was looking for in every shot. Kimmy Kay has worked as a model in Kanasa City for the few years. Her portfolio is equally as strong as the rest of the models, if not larger. She's worked with som every talented photographers. I'll have to say she was the easiest and most professional model I have worked with in a long time. I said what I needed of her and she rocked it from there. Niki Elliott , was fun. I worked her through at least 4 or 5 sets for an evening shoot and she was still ready for more. Seemed like we were all playing more then we were working. Her defining moment......squatting down, with high heels on, leg out to her side, with foot planted firm to floor. Impressed the shit out of me. We hope to work with her more in 2017. Virginia Cockrum!! She took on my need for a pin up model. Her Marrlyn Monroe, are my favorites. During the shoot she mimmicked the various facial moves that made Marilyn famous. This model is made for pin up and from what I have seen can also pull off Cosplay. Just have to see what hair color she has when she's ready to work. Equally she's on her way to a very impressive portfolio.

These are the models who made up SESSIONS Online Magazine for 2016. My hope is that we have a whole new selection of models to front the new covers of SESSIONS for 2017. My goal is to reach 32 issues. Yes! I know this sounds strange but the series was always set for 32 issues. We'll see where we are after we reach my goal. As for the models above,...I have SO much planned for them in 2017. Every photographer dreams of having a team of models who help them achieve their concept ideas and believe me, I have a book full. Hence the banner that is proudly displayed below. I have changes planned for 2017, and the banner below is a huge part of it. So take a chance, hit the link and see what my plans are for the next year to come.